Shipbuilding and repairs


Our company provides services related to the organization, conduct and supervision of construction work. The high quality of our services is our top priority and the offer is constantly being adapted to market and customer needs.

  •  All types of welding (steel, aluminum, stainless steel by using system T.I.G M.I.G)
  •  Welders Certification of European standards 111 121 131 136 141 (aluminum, stainless steel, steel)
  •  Installation of the hull
  •  The construction of all types of hulls
  •  Construction of metal parts, reinforcement, cover, elements of equipment
  •  Assembling work (aluminum, steel, stainless steel)
  •  Equipment, insulation, reinforcement, metalwork, reinforcement of the hull
  •  Plumbing (all types of systems)
  •  Carpentry (all types of boats and assembly systems)
  •  Repairs and renovations shipbuilding and industrial
  •  Maintenance and painting, including metallization 
  •  Consultancy in preparing offers and regulations relating to contracts
  •  Full technical supervision and organization of the work in Poland and abroad