Shipbuilding repairs and renovation


Our offer:

  • All types of welding (steel, aluminum, stainless steel by using system T.I.G M.I.G)
  • Welders Certification of European standards 111 121 131 136 141 (aluminum, stainless steel, steel)
  • Installation of the hull
  • The construction of all types of hulls
  • Construction of metal parts, reinforcement, cover, elements of equipment
  • Assembling work (aluminum, steel, stainless steel)
  • Equipment, insulation, reinforcement, metalwork, reinforcement of the hull
  • Plumbing (all types of systems)
  • Carpentry (all types of boats and assembly systems)
  • Repairs and renovations shipbuilding and industrial
  • Maintenance and painting, including metallization


We also offer:

  • Consultancy in preparing offers and regulations relating to contracts
  • Full technical supervision and organization of the work in Poland and abroad